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A Look Back

Lumark Technologies, Inc. (www.lumark.com) began in 1999 delivering consulting services to federal government contractors in the areas of business development, process improvement, proposal development and software development. Lumark's first contract award was in 2001 by Sher Associates, Inc. for software development services to develop and host a collections database tracking system in support of billing collections for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which continued for 9 years. Lumark over the next several years won several consulting support contracts to include a small prime contract for process improvement support services to the Veterans Affairs (VA) Austin Automation Center. In 2005 Lumark was awarded a subcontract to Perot Systems Government Services (PSGS) in support of the Department of Education (ED) Federal Student Aid (FSA) for Post Implementation Review (PIR) support services. We also deployed a company-wide collaboration capability leveraging Microsoft SharePoint technology to include standing up projects sites for all corporate and client work teams.

In 2007 Lumark landed its first competitive 5-year prime contract award by the Department of Transportation (DoT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide programmatic support services to the FAA research and development organization at the William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Lumark later that year landed a second competitive 5-year prime contract award by the FAA to provide engineering, program management, and technical support services to the R&D Flight Safety Branch.

Lumark broadened its client base by winning prime contract awards during 2008 through 2010 to include opening its Fairfax Virginia business office and deployment of our 1st generation Private Cloud enabling remote desktop capability across all of Lumark. Two prime contract awards were for the Department of State's Overseas Building Operations (OBO) and the Consular Affairs (CA) Bureau. In 2011 a prime task order award was won supporting the ED FSA Chief Information Office (CIO) providing Program Management and Investment Management support services to the Performance Management and Technology Offices. Throughout this time period Lumark won several prime consulting awards providing business and process improvement support to Federal Government contractors to include a 3-year subcontract supporting the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

During 2012 Lumark continued to broaden its customer base by winning two 3-year prime contract awards supporting the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for technical and web support services. Also that year a small prime technical study was awarded to support the FAA Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Technical Program within the Aviation Safety (AVS) line of business. In 2013 Lumark landed a prime 3-year contract award by the Department of State Administration Bureau (A Bureau) to provide Information Technology (IT) Subject Matter Expertise (SME). A major consulting subcontract award to a Federal Government contract in support of the Veterans Affairs was won later that year that included providing business and process improvement support using Agile Software Development and SCRUM methods.

In 2014 Lumark won its first prime Department of Defense (DoD) contract to the U.S. Army Contracting Command – Redstone (ACC-RSA) to conduct an Alternative of Analysis (AoA) study. Later that year Lumark won two 3-year prime contract awards to provide Program Management support services to the ED FSA Technology Office. Lumark closed 2014 with a 5-year prime contract award by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Policy, International Affairs, and Environment (APL) to provide administrative and technical support services. We expanded our cloud environment to add Test and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies to improve company-wide telephone and remote interoffice communications.

Lumark further expanded in 2015 its support to the ED FSA by a 3-year contract award to support the Technology Office with Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and administrative support services for the agency's transition from a legacy to new data center provider. During this year we expanded our private cloud infrastructure by adding secure remote/mobile virtual desktops enabling full remote capabilities. This capability remains today very important in our ability to provide high quality professional services to our clients regardless of location and with clear performance visibility and accountability.

In 2016 Lumark expanded its support to the FAA by winning a 5-year prime contract award to provide real estate asset management support services to the Air Logistics Office (ALO). Also during that year we were awarded task order contracts by the FAA to provide Earned Value Management (EVM) and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Subject Matter Expertise (SME). With the added need for Lumark contractor site capability we opened 7,000 square feet of office space on 1st Street NE at Capital Hill near Union Station in the District of Columbia (DC). This operations site continues to support several clients and provides surge office space capabilities in preparation for new business growth.

2017 landed a 1-year prime contract award to Lumark by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to provide Senior Technical Advisory Support Services (STASS) to help the Program Executive Office (PEO) Defense Health Management Systems (DHMS) with the modernization of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) across the Department of Defense (DoD). Later that year Lumark won a 5-year prime contract award to provide Real Property Program Office Support (RPPOS) services to the FAA Air Logistics Office (ALO). We also opened a 5,600 square foot new Corporate Sales office at the Wharf located at 800 Maine Ave SW, Washington DC. This new space houses our executives and several large conference rooms enabling our clients access to conduct off site meetings/training including a 200+ rooftop room.

2018 followed with a 5-year prime contract award to Lumark by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to provide Senior Technical Strategic Advisory Support Services (STSASS) to help the Program Executive Office (PEO) Defense Health Management Systems (DHMS) with the roll out of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) across the Department of Defense (DoD) to include Cybersecurity and Incident Management support services. Lumark also won a follow-on prime 3-year contract award by the Department of State Administration Bureau (A Bureau) to continue providing Information Technology (IT) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and a new 1 year contract to conduct an Alternative of Analysis Study for the General Services Administration in support of the Fleet Management office. Lumark closed the year with a 4-year prime contract award by the FAA to support the Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) Program office with Business Management and Technical Support Services.

To date Lumark supports five major Federal Government Civilian clients (DoT FAA, ED FSA, GSA Fleet, STATE Dept. and Treasury IRS) and one DoD (DHA) with Consulting, Engineering, Information Technology (IT) and Program Services as well as several Federal Government Contractors with operations management and delivery process improvement services.

Executive Leadership

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Luis Riesco Luis Riesco President and CEO
Mr. Riesco brings 29 years of management and engineering experience in customer delivery of professional services to Federal Government and Defense clients.


Mark Guiod Mark Guiod Vice President
Mr. Guiod is a senior executive with 38 years of leadership experience in the U.S. Military and Federal Government.


Mark Servello Mark Servello Principal Staff
Mr. Servello brings 34 years of management and engineering experience for Federal, Defense and Local State Government clients.

His experience is in diverse areas such as defense systems, air traffic control, finance and insurance, healthcare and local government. He is a recognized leader in organizational change and performance improvement, having provided consulting services to engineering projects and management for over 20 years using business process reengineering, process and performance managment tools (CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, etc.).

As an undergraduate Computer Science major at the University of Southern California, Mr. Servello began his career in 1978 as the graveyard shift operator at the university's Engineering Computer Laboratory. In that position and later as shift supervisor he maintained mainframe systems dedicated to faculty, students, and one mainframe dedicated to ARPAnet operation. Mr. Servello continued his datacenter experience with positions as an research programmer developing a computer-controlled lung function testing system for the CIty of Hope Medical Center, and as data center and development manager for Eaton Corporation developing systems to manage spare parts inventory for the U.S. intelligence community.

In 1981, following 4 years of service in the US Naval Reserve, Mr. Servello began a three-year active duty tour aboard USS Tripoli (LPH-10). While on USS Tripoli Mr. Servello designed and built the first shipboard multi-user computer center in the US Navy under a research project in partnership with the Naval Personnel Research and Development Center. Following his active duty service, Mr. Servello began a career with American Management Systems where he held started as a database programmer. Through his 12 years with AMS, Mr. Servello held positions ranging from programmer to systems engineer, project manager, program/contract manager, and ultimately as the manager of a major profit center provided quality consulting services to customers across corporate business segments.

Mr. Servello relocated to Fairfax, Virginia with AMS in 1995, and in 1996 left AMS to own and operate ChangeBridge Consulting a small quality consulting firm specializing in the defense, finance and insurance, and air traffic control markets. From 2000 through 2010, Mr. Servello was a Visiting Scientist at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, where he was a part of the CMMI project team as a course author, project lead, course instructor and reviewer, and evaluator for candidates seeking SEI certifications. In 2010, Mr. Servello joined Lumark Technologies as a systems engineer and principal staff member.

Mr. Servello holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (Summa cum Laude) and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from National University, San Diego, CA. He has served as an SEI-Certified CMMI instructor and SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, and holds a lifetime credential as a computer science instructor in the California Community College system.

Mr. Servello is also a qualified Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, Fire Services Instructor, Fire Officer, and the Operations Chief of the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company in Fairfax, Virginia.


Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller Senior Manager
Ms. Miller has 20 years of combined technical and management experience within the Information Technology (IT) field. She is a native of Northern Virginia and has supported the Federal Government as a contractor for most of her career.

Ms. Miller began her career in 1994 as a junior level programmer, where she assisted in converting a software program for the Department of Health Affairs to a UNIX-based system using PowerBuilder. In 1995, as the Internet was emerging in popularity, she transitioned to web-related development.

Over the years, her work experience broadened from creating and maintaining web sites to developing databases and web applications, assisting in proposal efforts and working on business cases. Ms. Sauls later transitioned into the roles of Task Lead, Technical Lead, and Project Manager, and she presently serves as a Senior Manager at Lumark.

Ms. Millers' demonstrated leadership qualities stem from a clear understanding of how to gain the maximum potential from her team members by encouraging and utilizing the individual strengths of each person in order to best serve the entire group. Ms. Sauls is committed to providing her customers with high quality products and services to promote client satisfaction and to establish a foundation for building lasting customer relationships.

Ms. Miller has a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from George Mason University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).



Lumark delivers professional services to Government and Defense clients through the use of established contracts. These include U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), Agency Specific Contracts (ASC), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) and Multiple Access Contracts (MAS).

Ordering Information

The following contracts are available to procure services from Lumark Technologies.

  • FAA eFAST : DTFAWA10A-00214 [Lumark 8a Prime] Functional Area Codes: BAM|CSD|CSS|D&T|ES|R&D
  • GSA 8(a) STARS II: GS-06F-0933Z [Lumark Prime](Constellations I & II, FA 1, 2 and 4)
  • USN Seaport NxG: N00178-18-R-7000 [Lumark Prime]
  • USAF NETCENTS-2: FA8771-12-D-1009 (Application Services)


Lumark provides professional services to Government, Defense and Commercial clients. Our management approach is based on the use of standard business practices and procedures to deliver high quality services to meet client deliverable requirements and expectations. The following lists a sampling of our clients.


  • Department of Education, Federal Student Aid (FSA)
  • Department of Homeland Security, Customs Border Protection
  • Department of State, Bureau of Administration
  • Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • General Services Administration, Office of Fleet Management


  • Defense Health Agency (DHA)
  • US Navy
  • US Army Contracting Command - Redstone (ACC-RSA)


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News Releases

These are the press releases issued over the past year. See our Archive for past releases.

06/13/2018 -- Lumark Technologies Inc. has been awarded a follow-on 3-year contract by the Department of State Bureau of Administration to continue providing Information Technology (IT) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in support of the Global Information Services (GIS) Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS). The IPS is responsible for the Department’s records management program, including providing guidance on the preservation of records for the Department and ensuring compliance with NARA and legislative standards and regulations for the storage, and release of official Department records. Lumark will provide IPS with software engineering and application development expertise in search engines, document management and web technologies.

05/31/2018 -- Lumark Technologies Inc. has been awarded a 5-year contract by the Defense Health Agency to provide Senior Technical Advisor Support Services for the Program Executive Office (PEO) Defense Health Management Systems (DHMS). Lumark, supported by teammates Deloitte & Touche LLP and First Healthcare Advisory Solutions, will provide DHA with technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Healthcare Data Standards, Information Technology (IT), Program Management, Web Design, Clinical Business and Revenue Cycle, Systems and Software Engineering, Cybersecurity and Incident Management to help the PEO DHMS with the modernization of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) across the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of PEO DHMS's mission to provide high quality health care for active duty, their families and our Veterans.

09/06/2017 -- Lumark Technologies Inc. has been awarded a 5-year contract by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide Real Property Program Office Support (RPPOS) to the Air Logistics Office (ALO). The ALO is responsible for all FAA real property throughout the United States including those used by Air Traffic Operations, Aviation Safety and the Office of Security and Hazardous Materials. Lumark will support the Real Property Program of the FAA ALO with administrative program management, real property asset management, FAA housing support, strategic portfolio management and sustainability program support.

ISO-9001-2015 Certified
We received the 2015 United States Excellence Award by the US Commerce & Trade Research Institute.
Inc 5000 Recognized.